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Kao-Chia, 31 years Acrylic Sheet, protective films & coating supplier.

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31 Years Acrylic Sheet | Kao-Chia green products (GPPS Sheet, Acrylic Sheet, PE Products). Enjoy your life and protect the earth.

Based in Taiwan, Kao-Chia Plastics Co., Ltd., since 1990, is a Acrylic Sheet| protective film and coating supplier and manufacturer. ISO certified protective film and GPPS sheet with more than 40 kinds of patterned plates.

One-stop production, blowing bag & film process, to produce protective film that could be used on GPPS sheet and PMMA sheet firmly for effective protection. The quality and after-sales service of Kao-Chia's protective films are our commitment to you, so we provide one-year warranty.

Kao-Chia has been offering customers high-quality PE film, GPPS sheet and acrylic sheet, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Kao-Chia ensures each customer's demands are met.

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheet
Acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheet has excellent weather-resistant, heat-resistant, high clarity, easy to process, and high rigidity characteristics, Kao-Chia provides three types of acrylic: flat, pattern, and diffuser. Through processing, acrylic flat sheet can make into the tissue box, storage box, and many daily necessities; acrylic pattern sheet has a meticulous pattern on the surface which is perfect for sliding door and add some privacy to indoor partition decoration; acrylic diffuser sheet mostly used on LED panel, the main function is to diffuses LED light evenly and prevent glare.

Product Application

Acrylic sheets can be used in many industries, such as stationery, signboard, decoration board, display stand, furniture, billboard, space art show, fashion product, and the other applications of thermoforming.
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  • Extrusion Acrylic Flat Sheet
    Extrusion Acrylic Flat Sheet

    Extruded Acrylic flat sheet has 92% of transparency, it's even higher than glass; the weather-resistant is stronger than GPPS sheet which is good to use outdoor. Through thermoforming and gluing acrylic can make into different shapes of daily necessity products. Currently, Kao-Chia provides clear and milky acrylic flat sheet.

  • Extrusion Acrylic Patterned Sheet
    Extrusion Acrylic Patterned Sheet

    Extruded Acrylic pattern sheet can add privacy effects, suitable to use in the public area.

  • Extrusion Acrylic Diffuser Sheet
    Extrusion Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

    Extruded Acrylic diffuser sheet is one of the common materials for diffuser sheet because of its weather-resistant and anti-UV characteristics even using longtime under LED light will not yellowing easily, but the price is higher compared to GPPS diffuser sheet.

  • Cast Acrylic Sheet
    Cast Acrylic Sheet

    Cast acrylic is produced by infusing the liquid acrylic into glass molds to form the sheet.Cast acrylic sheet is produced one by one so it's good for clients who wants different colors and thicknesses with small quantities.Cast acrylic is laser cutting or engraving or heating then recommend using a cast acrylic sheet for best result. Please contact us for more information.

  • Acrylic Mirror Sheet
    Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    Acrylic mirror sheets are made by taking standard acrylic sheet to vacuum electroplate and making it reflective which also have the same characteristic as regular acrylic sheet.

  • Acrylic Tissue Box
    Acrylic Tissue Box

    Acrylic material is easy to process, glued, and thermoformed and can not only be used in the constructive industry also suitable for the household. After second processing acrylic can be made into different accessories and tissue box is one of them.