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Diffusers sheet

GPPS Diffuser Sheet

Prismatic sheet,Prismatic diffuser

GPPS diffuser sheet has been widely used on LED panel these recent years, GPPS diffuser is more cost-effective, low absorb humidity compared to acrylic diffuser sheet, it's easy to cut into different shapes with CNC routing machine. Whereas GPPS pattern sheet is suitable for fluorescent light.

Product Application

GPPS Diffuser Sheet use majorly as a lamp cover, this product functions by light source hit plastic sheet then the reflection makes the light distribute evenly, LED panel light is mainstream in the market, GPPS Prismatic sheet has four different patterns to choose from.

GPPS Diffuser Sheet

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GPPS Prismatic sheet - GPPS Sheet-Diffusers Sheet-Diffusers sheet
GPPS Prismatic sheet
P001, P003, P009, P014, P052, P054

GPPS was made by raw material of general purpose polystyrene and the sheet finished at the same...

GPPS Diffuser sheet - GPPS Sheet-Diffusers Sheet PS048
GPPS Diffuser sheet

GPPS Diffuser Sheet are an indispensable component to assemble LED light panel. With the exquisite...

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31 Years GPPS Diffuser Sheet | Kao-Chia green products (GPPS Sheet, Acrylic Sheet, PE Products). Enjoy your life and protect the earth.

Based in Taiwan, Kao-Chia Plastics Co., Ltd., since 1990, is a GPPS Diffuser Sheet| protective film and coating supplier and manufacturer. ISO certified protective film and GPPS sheet with more than 40 kinds of patterned plates.

One-stop production, blowing bag & film process, to produce protective film that could be used on GPPS sheet and PMMA sheet firmly for effective protection. The quality and after-sales service of Kao-Chia's protective films are our commitment to you, so we provide one-year warranty.

Kao-Chia has been offering customers high-quality PE film, GPPS sheet and acrylic sheet, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, Kao-Chia ensures each customer's demands are met.