Acrylic Safety Shield

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Based in Taiwan, Kao-Chia Plastics Co., Ltd., since 1990, is a PE film, GPPS sheet and acrylic sheet supplier and manufacturer.

ISO certified, Kao-Chia is a manufacturer of PE film and GPPS sheet and acrylic sheet with over 30 kinds of patterned plates, and produces its own protective film that could be used on GPPS sheet and PMMA sheet firmly for effective protection.

Kao-Chia has been offering customers high-quality PE film, GPPS sheet and acrylic sheet both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, Kao-Chia ensures each customer's demands are met.

Acrylic Safety Shield

COVID-19 virus outbreak is now happening across the world.
The plastic sheet that works to prevent the virus from spreading through sneeze and cough is a safety solution for this time.
This acrylic barrier can be applied to staff dining room table,office table,meeting room table,cashier counter,retail counter...etc.
It's easy to clean, high transparency,high impact resistance,and anti-UV.
If you have a request for the acrylic sheet barrier please feel free to contact us.


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