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Declaration of Chairman

Declaration of Chairman

We are deeply conscious of the significant effects that problems like global resource depletion and climate change have on our quality of life. It is our duty as a PE plastics manufacturing to actively address these issues and support sustainable development while we are in business.

Thus, I would like to declare the following statement on behalf of the Kao-Chia company: 

Environment protection commitment
We pledge to prioritize environmental production issues during the manufacturing process. To lessen the environmental effect of plastic items, we will use more eco-friendly materials, technologies, and procedures.


Energy conservation and carbon reduction
To lessen the company's carbon footprint, we will be committed to energy conservation and carbon reduction, optimize production procedures, add more energy-saving equipment, and bolster energy-saving initiatives. We also urge staff members to take part in personal initiatives aimed at cutting down on energy use and carbon emissions.

Sustainable material use
To reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources and encourage the development of the industry in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction, we will actively search for and employ sustainable plastic materials or alternative materials.

Circular economy practice
We will strive to realize the concept of circular economy, encourage product reuse and replication, maximize the life cycle of products and reduce waste.

Employee training and participation
We will provide employees with corresponding training to improve their understanding of environmental protection and sustainable development, and encourage employees to actively participate in the company's environmental protection activities.

Transparency and Compliance
We will ensure that the company's operations comply with applicable law and relevant environmental regulations, while maintaining transparency and regularly informing the company's environmental performance to stakeholders.

Social participation
We will actively participate in social welfare activities, contribute to the society, and enhance the company's social responsibility.

The declaration expresses a commitment to both the past and the future. As a result, we'll keep pushing for stricter environmental protection regulations and hope that all those involved will work collaboratively to realize the vision of sustainable growth.

                                                                       Chairman Jack Wang